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Gut Driven

Consider that you are only as healthy as the food you can digest. What you put into your body is essential—but unless your digestive system can effectively process the fuel you give it, even the most nutritious foods can go to waste or cause digestive issues. Our resilient gut microbiome is fundamental to the harmony and balance of cognitive and physical functions. Jump-start optimal well-being with integrative health coach and nutritional food chef Ellen Postolowski, working from the inside out. With a focus on improving gut health—a vital component of whole-body wellness—Gut Driven helps you heal your body, achieve balance, and reset your relationship with what you eat.

Postolowski’s easy-to-follow and supportive Reset 90/10 plan is a comprehensive three-week plant-based program focused on eliminating inflammatory foods often associated with illness, chronic diseases, and autoimmune issues, and examining coping mechanisms that aren’t serving you or healing body, mind, and spirit. Move on to the Maintenance phase, where the author’s proven approach to reintroducing eliminated foods one at a time helps you identify and focus on potential sensitivities and intolerances. With over one hundred simple and delicious Maintenance and Reset recipes to support your Reset 90/10 experience—emphasizing whole-food, nutrient-dense meals—Gut Driven shows you how to use food as medicine to build a sustainable foundation that works specifically for your unique needs.

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Independent Publishing Book Award for Gut Driven Book
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Independent Publishing Book Award

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