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All consults follow-up a free 20-minute health history questionnaire that we review via a scheduled phone call.

Gut Driven


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What does “healthy” mean to you?

Consider that you are only as healthy as the food you can digest.

What you put into your body is essential—but unless your digestive

system can effectively process the fuel you give it, even the most

nutritious foods can go to waste or cause digestive issues. Our resilient gut microbiome is fundamental to the harmony and balance of cognitive and physical functions. It’s time to get back to the basics of healthy eating and jump-start optimal well-being with an integrative health coach and nutritional food chef Ellen Postolowski, working from the inside out. With a focus on improving gut health—a vital component of whole-body wellness—Gut Driven helps you heal your body, achieve balance, and reset your relationship with what you eat.

Postolowski’s easy-to-follow and supportive Reset 90/10 plan is a comprehensive three-week plant-based program focused on eliminating inflammatory foods often associated with illness, chronic diseases, and autoimmune issues, and examining coping mechanisms that aren’t serving you or healing body, mind, and spirit. Then, you’ll move on to the Maintenance phase, where the author’s proven approach to reintroducing eliminated foods one at a time helps you identify and focus on potential sensitivities and intolerances, all with the goal of becoming mindful of what “healthy” means to you by embracing that self-care goes beyond food, water, and exercise. With over one hundred simple and delicious Maintenance and Reset recipes to support your Reset 90/10 experience—emphasizing whole-food, nutrient-dense meals—Gut Driven shows you how to use food as medicine to help you become your healthiest, happiest self.


RESET 90/10™ &
Maintenance Programs


RESET 90/10™ is a vital component of the Gut Driven movement. Robust digestive and
intestinal health are key to avoiding chronic and autoimmune illnesses like SIBO, malabsorption,
hormonal issues, leaky gut, and candida. Stubborn weight could also be your body holding on to
unwanted inflammation. In addition, cognitive well-being relies on a healthy gut.

Impaired digestive functions are the consequence of lifestyle choices, an immune system in
overdrive, and the impact of chronic stress. Heal your gut, alleviate frustrating symptoms, and
improve your immune responses with gentle, empathetic, and knowledgeable instruction. 

RESET 90/10™ is a three-week plant-based challenge. You will cut out animal products,
alcohol, sugar, dairy, caffeine, and gluten to maximize your nutrient development and utilize
proper beneficial absorption. Emphasis is placed on aiming for optimal gut health through food
elimination, and re-introductory phases (Maintenance.)

I will help you stay accountable for your goals. 

Are you truly aware of your nutritional needs and the importance of dietary fiber to properly
eliminate toxins from your body? Are ingredients in your convenience foods contributing to
these issues? Can you make better choices for yourself and your family? 

Give yourself three weeks to benefit from the reset and eliminate inflammation with plant-based
options and more attention to self-care. Rid yourself of unwanted reactions like cravings, hunger,
heartburn, migraines, constipation, gas, lack of sleep, and food fear. Support immune functions
and gain a new perspective on what works for you.

Clients learn to reintroduce foods with new balance, more awareness, and hands-on education while considering potential sensitivities and better mindful habits. These programs include worksheets, tips on menu planning, 100+ recipes, and more, making this an indispensable guide to transforming your life from the gut up.

RESET 90/10™ and watch those positive changes happen.



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Reset 90/10™


The three-week Reset 90/10™ Program ($395) includes the following:

  • The welcome package valued at $50.

  • A 30-minute* check-in meeting per week.

  • Email support.

*Additional time will be available if further support is needed (optional). Meetings beyond the
30-minute allotment will be billed at an hourly rate.


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The Maintenance Program ($205)

The Maintenance Program ($205) is a three-week supplementary way to further your journey and
includes the following:

  • An additional 50+ recipes

  • 1–30-minute* check-in meeting per week

  • email support.

*Extra time will be available if further guidance is needed (optional). Sessions beyond the 30-
minute allotment will be billed at an hourly rate.



 Both Options


Sign up for both options together for $550 (save $50)


One-on-one Comprehensive Consultation or
Group classes

Is information about nutrition and health a source of fear and panic for you? Would a group setting be something you and your friends/co-workers would benefit from? Whether it's you or a group of peers, a jump-start could be what you seek.


Let's focus on your current health and your goals. These consultations will help me understand you, your food, and your nutritional needs. Whether you are a sugar addict, in a rut with food, or generally a good eater, your meeting starts from where you currently are and then supports and guides you where you would like to be.

Vegetables for Roasting

Private Cooking Lessons

Mise en place (pronounced meez ahn plas) is a beautiful French cooking term that translates to 'put in place.' The purpose of mise en place is to allow the chef to cook most efficiently without stopping.

If you generally don’t know your way around your kitchen and have trouble getting it all together regarding prep and the outcome, The Kitchen Overhaul and No-Stress at the Supermarket is highly recommended in addition to cooking lessons.

Together we will plan a menu and set your kitchen up to help you out to be the most efficient healthy home cook. (Groceries are not included)

  • Free 20 minute health history consultation

  • The first two hours $180

  • Additional hours $100/hour

$180 ( the first two hours)

Speaking Engagements

Who wants to think about dinner when juggling family, career, and life commitments gets in the way? Become more effective and utilize sustainable strategies. Sessions and support will cover jump-starting better choices and options for those seeking balance and a healthier regimen tailored to their specific needs.

What's covered? The importance of digestive health and its relationship to whole-body wellness. General healthy eating tips, understanding food sensitivities or intolerances, and improvements in all areas. Balancing food on and off the plate creates harmony. These speaking engagements
will get you on track if you are beyond frustrated with your typical routine.

Let's explore sustainable lifestyle practices! You will leave inspired and motivated to start your new journey.

Included are relatable information, meal plans, recipes, restaurant/takeout guidance, and follow-up sessions for those that seek supportive accountability. I will help build a sturdy foundation strong enough to reinforce any goals.
Please inquire about pricing and availability.

Fresh Vegetables
The three-week 90/10 reset program was a game-changer for me regarding nutrition, energy, weight, and lifestyle. Ellen held me accountable for accomplishing my goal of rehabilitating a sugar and carb addict. The vegetarian recipes were delicious and filling. Ellen was a great nutritional coach during the 21-day program checking in weekly via cell phone, generating recipes, and sharing motivational antidotes a few times a week via email or cell phone. I finally started cooking for Darcy instead of Team Paul/Darcy.
Highly recommend Ellen and 21 Day Reset 90/10™.

Darcy Linares

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