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A Resilient Immune System

In today’s world of Covid, the unsureness, the vaccine, and the aftermath of symptoms, this virus’s residual effects are still unknown. If you are a victim of this virus, this trauma can leave you out of sorts now and in the future if you don’t support your body’s immune system with the right foods. In addition to nutrition, a client becomes more in tune with how stress and anxiety have a significant adverse effect on their immune health.

A trauma like Covid, the flu, Epstein Barr, an earache, or strep throat are examples of foreign invaders that make our bodies ill. Chronic stress is also a considerable component that can weaken a compromised environment. Antibiotics, meds prescribed, and the opposing force an illness has on your body most likely has killed friendly bacteria in your gut. When there are not enough friendly bacteria to keep your cell membrane healthy (think of this like a wall keeping harmful invaders out), your good bacteria keep the bad from getting overpopulated. When there is too much bad, the body becomes weak, sick, and tired.
“A typical round of antibiotics can kill a great deal of our stomach acid needed to digest food properly. Over time, a lack of stomach acid means that a lot of our food goes undigested. When our gut is weak, we do not break down food properly, we do not make essential vitamins from the food we ingest, nor do we absorb them. The invaders take over, and you are on a downward spiral of illnesses, malnutrition, autoimmune, and no real answers.”
Antibiotics to include are also those found in non-organic foods, especially meats (1). Livestock is routinely injected with antibiotics so that they can survive in a crowded, unhealthy environment. Pesticides on non-organic food not only kill beneficial bacteria from the soil, but we ingest those pesticides and any antibiotics those animals consume. The same goes for vegetables sprayed with pesticides-think of the ground soil and thoroughly wash your vegetables if you are not buying organic.
Take it easy on your body (no excessive exercise), and get into a good sleep pattern (we all need a good night’s sleep). Your digestive system needs calm (remove inflammatory foods), and your mind (self-care and the routine practice of what makes you happy) craves this balance encouraged.
Do not ignore bloating issues, sugar-cravings, disrupted sleep patterns, fatigue, anger, hormonal imbalances, irrational behavior, irritability, and sadness. These symptoms lasting months and years could be precursors to chronic illnesses down the road.
When the immune system is not regulated correctly, it cannot determine which cells are healthy and which are not. Typically this is referred to as the immune system attacking itself. It merely means there are breaks in that wall that need repair. The brain-gut connection needs attention, healing, more serotonin, less stress, and the right foods. Plant-based, low fat inflammatory food elimination programs, with support, reduce toxic burden (2), and guide in optimizing the strength of your protective wall.
All the above supports a resilient immune system. As you learn more about your body, identifying stressors, and the most beneficial lifestyle practices, your cells are more robust. They can easily knock out unwanted invaders quicker without impacting your quality of life.
“What if the most common medical treatments for chronic conditions are misguided in that they are only treating the symptoms of disease rather than identifying and fixing the underlying problem? Furthermore, what if the majority of the medical establishment is built in on this very practice of treating symptoms rather than root causes?” ~ Sr. Saray Stancic, MD (3)What’s Missing From Medicine
“When you have your health, you are the richest person in the world.” ~ my dad
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