The Gut Driven Online Program


Enjoy personalized health coaching at a more affordable rate without compromising on quality. Our services are designed to provide exceptional value and reinforce your wellness journey effectively.

This online 21-day program is designed to give extra support to those reading my book but wanting enhanced direction, a road map to aid the shift, a more in-depth undertaking, and daily inspiration to jumpstart those goals. You will also be privy to new information, tips, lifestyle habits, cooking videos to awaken that inner chef, and strategies centered around making positive, sustainable change.

The Reset 90/10 masterclass empowers you to revolutionize how you perceive and succeed in your health goals. Unlocking this opportunity to become your best health advocate is done exclusively online with empathetic, knowledgeable guidance.

When you are ready to commit and embark on your 3-week Reset 90/10 journey, this comprehensive program not only directs but also inspires your objective to improve overall wellness, starting with optimizing your digestive processes.

As part of the program, you’ll have access to daily emails that will help keep you accountable for your goals and provide a supportive environment for your journey. This includes meal planning instruction, a Q&A where you can submit general questions, unpublished Chef Ellen recipes, symptom analysis, and in-depth knowledge about improving your digestive health. You’ll also receive insightful guidance as per the success of the Gut Driven blueprint (please note: the purchase of the Gut Driven book is not included). 

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Optimizing your resilient gut microbiome, the community of microorganisms in your digestive tract that play a crucial role in your health is a fundamental part of the Reset 90/10 masterclass. This optimization can improve digestion, enhance immune function, and improve overall health.
  • Creating and sustaining a lifestyle that heals and supports your unique physiology.
  • Root cause awareness.
  • Addressing inflammation in the body
  • Using food as medicine to gain insight and remove the inflammatory bodily responses typically associated with the Standard American Diet.


By participating in the Reset 90/10 masterclass, you will develop practical and sustainable skills. Progress comes with a renewed mindset, empowering you to make positive changes one day at a time. Information, consistency, and continued education are invaluable tools that will bring awareness of your best health to a new level.

Advocate and understand what works best for you, your goals, and your lifestyle.



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