Chef Ellen



Focus on the client and formulate a resolution together.

Your health is a multi-faceted structure. Becoming your best health advocate requires time, patience, and a step-by-step process. The development of lifestyle medicine practices and modifications requires patience, commitment, and an enthusiastic frame of mind.

This team effort will explore progress, not perfection. This new mindset will encourage, support, and champion your best efforts to practice actionable steps and celebrate the development of a stable infrastructure of routine self-care practices reinforcing overall health and well-being.

All 60-minute consults start with a comprehensive health history questionnaire reviewed via a scheduled phone call.

Sessions are designed and tailored to your concerns, wellness goals, root cause awareness, and overall balance to support a resilient foundation of practices.

Initial Consultations:

  • 60-minute session $125
  • Complete health assessment
  • Personalized action plan


Follow-Up Sessions:

  • 30-minute session $65
  • Progress review