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Personalized Nutrition, Whole Body Wellness, and Root Cause Awareness

Consider that you are only as healthy as the food you can digest.

Bloating. Sugar Cravings. Migraines. Aggravated Skin. Extra Weight. Mood Swings. Poor Sleep.

Your health journey is not a passive experience but an active pursuit that you have the power to shape. Your goals are valid and within your reach. By optimizing lifestyle modifications and digestive processes, you can tap into the potential of your gut health, which plays a pivotal role in nutrient absorption, immune function, cognitive regulation, and disease prevention. This understanding can foster optimism and a more substantial commitment to your health journey.

Gut-Driven, Jump-Start Digestive Health to Nourish Body, Mind, and Spirit is based on the philosophy that “You are only as healthy as the food you can digest.” It is your guide to dig deeper, get to the root, and nourish whole-body wellness.

A solid foundation of sustainable habits tailored to your unique physiology, emphasizing progress, not perfection, and plant-based diversity for optimal microbial balance and health. These habits are not just temporary fixes but a commitment to your health that can bring about lasting, positive changes.

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Ellen Postolowski

Author, Chef, and Integrative Health Coach

My approach encapsulates the phrase “food as medicine.” Still, we dig deeper together—my expertise and combination of integrative coaching skills and nutrition-based chef experience have escalated this dedication to optimal whole-body wellness.

I have also been on a personal journey addressing exhausting health concerns. My passion is to share the power of healing through food choices, addressing potential inflammation in the body, and lifestyle medicine practices, both on and off the plate. Your holistic path to health and root cause awareness starts here.



Your health is a multi-faceted structure. Becoming your best health advocate requires time, patience, and a step-by-step process. The development of lifestyle medicine practices and modifications requires patience, commitment, and an enthusiastic frame of mind. This team effort will explore progress, not perfection. This new mindset will encourage, support, and champion your best efforts to practice actionable steps and celebrate the development of a stable infrastructure of routine self-care practices reinforcing overall health and well-being.

All 60-minute consults start with a comprehensive health history questionnaire reviewed via a scheduled phone call.

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Consider that you are only as healthy as the food you can digest.

What you put into your body is essential—but unless your digestive system can effectively process the fuel you give it, even the most nutritious foods can go to waste or cause digestive issues. Our resilient gut microbiome is fundamental to the harmony and balance of cognitive and physical functions.

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