Chef Ellen


Laying the Groundwork for Progress, and Sidestepping Perfection.

We have all been to a place where we don’t feel so connected to our bodies. My Reset 90/10 program’s design supports making small, sustainable changes that eventually establish a supportive infrastructure of habits that work specifically for you and your goals. Making small shifts and exploring a new mindset devoted to your best health can be rewarded handsomely in the coming years, so let’s review the basic principles outlined in The Reset 90/10 program.

1. You are only as healthy as the food you can digest – meaning that if you are not properly breaking down nutrients you ingest to energize your cells, your attempts may be impaired by a compromised digestive system. Our health typically pays the price when the body must make concessions for faulty functions.

2. Your relationship with food and life should be fun and flexible. This lenient approach allows for freedom and flexibility so that a preoccupation with dieting does not rule out your best intentions. Letting yourself bend the rules occasionally will keep you on the optimal path. The mental side of food and nutrition is just as important as the physical side. 90/10 = 90% dedication, 10% downtime. That mindset becomes your laboratory for determining what works best for your needs and goals for three weeks.

3. You will eventually design your personalized maintenance plan. After three weeks, and as the Reset 90/10 plan unfolds, one becomes more intuitive about healthful choices in every aspect of their well-being. That attention, education, and understanding of the body’s cues serve as the supportive grounding of this plan for optimal health. 80/20 works for most, and 70/30 keeps one healthful without negative implications. This is your safety net and foundation for best health practices.

Making daily progress starts with your commitment and small, consistent steps. With this perspective, routine falls into place.Celebrate your achievements; these manageable changes are reinforced daily as health and outlooks improve.

Embracing the desire to improve health is not dieting; it’s lifestyle medicine and a foundational path to health beyond your newfound attitude. This ongoing journey lays the groundwork for transformation. Making daily progress sidesteps perfection and embraces the powerful motivation of consistency and effort.

In good health!