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As a health-focused chef, I live by the well known motto "Let Food Be Thy Medicine". It is obvious that eating more fruits and vegetables is in your best interest, but simply knowing that is not enough. By embracing the connection between self-care , better choices, enhanced gut health, cognitive functions, and hormonal balance, we begin to heal. Plus food inspires! It gives us the opportunity to create and gather in community to enjoy the flavors each season brings.



Hi, my name is Ellen. Food, nutrition, and health have been my passion since I stopped eating at fast food establishments around 17 years old. I remember vowing, never again, as I craved a healthier lifestyle.
I have spent most of my chef career working privately with clients. I loved the creative aspect and earned a reputation as a health-minded chef, coaching those seeking improved food choices for themselves and their family members. After 30 years in the industry, that journey, a need to reinvent, and continuing education transformed Chef Ellen to that of a certified holistic health educator focused on food and balance in every aspect of an individual's life. While in school,
digestive, and hormonal health was my primary focus, and I embraced it wholeheartedly.
In the process, I realized I was out of sync. Self-care fell short within my busy schedule, and my health suffered. Coming to terms with the fact that only I could change that situation turned many aspects of my life around. Connecting a healthy digestive system and its critical functions throughout the body fascinated me. The experience changed the old "You are what you eat"mentality to a mindset focused on optimal digestive processes for the most robust outcome.
Body, mind, and spirit and its balanced nourishment was the vision I sought as Gut Driven, and the Reset 90/10 program materialized. Focusing on the client as an individual sidestepped the next trendy diet to look, feel and live their best life possible.

The adverse effect of the standard American diet demands attention. Creating a ripple effect with self-care on and off the plate and the undeniable force of a sustainable foundation favors the next trendy diet. I aim to connect with like-minded individuals and spotlight awareness and health benefits of intact fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

Thank you for joining me in this undertaking to inspire others to introduce more whole-food, plant-based options while reaping the benefits and power of healing throughout.

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