Chef Ellen


Supporting the Notion and its Benefits

The concept of balance is better defined on an individual level. We hear about, read articles on the subject, or crave balance, but how easily is it attained?

An imbalance is often associated with uncomfortable feelings and discomfort. Hence, we seek symmetry. Therefore, we explore consistency and modifications to motivate and change the disparities.

These imbalances are physical and mental, so how does one tackle that journey, the reflection, and what is needed to dig deeper than what we see in the mirror?

Digestive health was a topic that caught my attention when I decided to focus more education on integrative nutrition. Optimal health is an inside job, as I learned quickly that the human body’s inner workings need harmony, attention, and self-care.

If you are willing to heighten your awareness, balance will unfold. Self-advocacy receives much attention in the workplace, but what if we applied some of those principles to protect our well-being?

  • Believe in yourself.

  • Remember that prevention is early detection.

  • Seek balance.

  • Get the facts.

  • Plan your strategy.

  • Be accountable.

My message is personalized nutrition because the more we put into it, the more we get out of it, but it’s personal. I pose the question, what are your goals? More movement, a new career, more me-time, or more home-cooked meals? But there must be a balance.

Support your body’s innate wisdom to heal and get to the root of your inflammation by becoming your best advocate. Reduce unwanted stress, support your gut, and reduce pain by providing optimal digestive processes, movement, hydration, and nourishment on and off the plate to sustain body, mind, and spirit.

Approaching balance is a healthy means to nourishing physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual factors, often viewed as the foundational steppingstones to harmony. Your decision to change requires determination and courage, the groundwork of advancement. Look past what you see in the mirror or a number on the scale. Effort keeps us focused on that inner success to create improvements for ourselves. Good intentions provide perks that impact food beyond the plate when considering progress with improved health and lifestyle achievements.

How can you incorporate more harmony into your upcoming week?