Chef Ellen


Be the Change You Desire

Lifestyle improvements go much deeper than dropping couple of pounds

Gut health is a trendy subject. The marketing and explosion of gut-support-related products are positively overwhelming. Since digestive health is in fashion, we must be cautious. What works for someone else may not work for you. A personalized approach to well-being may save you from a lifetime of misinformation, a medicine cabinet of elixirs, supplements that could backfire, or popular diet trends that leave you frustrated and doubtful. From a marketing standpoint, profiting from this relevant topic appears to be “what’s en vogue.” Be careful of who you trust for your health regimen.

Our resilient gut microbiome is fundamental to the harmony and balance of cognitive and physical functions. It needs your help, though, as you are the master of your domain.

Awareness of bothersome internal issues, such as chronic symptoms, is often treated with meds. Could long-term medication be avoided with lifestyle interventions? For example, heartburn protocol is either over-the-counter aids or prescribed medicine. Continual (over three months) use of either can cause a severe depletion of vital stomach acid. In addition, acid blockers create a more alkaline environment in the stomach, where a more acidic habitat is needed to properly break down food into nutrients our cells need to thrive. When food is not processed correctly, the risk of malnourishment increases. One increases the risk of disorders such as Leaky Gut, an imbalance of good-to-bad bacteria, and autoimmune-related disease. Ironically, you are still band-aiding symptoms that diet and lifestyle adjustments could have addressed.

Taking a stance on your health and becoming your best advocate must take priority.

If you change nothing, nothing will change.