Chef Ellen


Reflection on First-Rate Recovery

Nearly every sickness has one recommended remedy: rest, and lots of it. Bouncing back reinforces that we have established a solid foundation of habits supporting physical and mental strength. When one develops, supports, and nurtures that inner resilience, we become equipped to deal with what we face in the future.

Why do some recover more quickly than others in a health crisis? What positive factors influence vitality, and why is it essential to establish that baseline? Can utilization of our inner strengths optimize overall well-being?

How do you feel about a comprehensive intervention to aid in identifying weaknesses and achieving your best, most robust, and fulfilling journey with your health?

Mindset Matters:

Let’s start with the psychological side of change. We are all too familiar with rationalizing gaps in consistency when it comes to progress with our well-being. We know the imbalance but tend to file those goals away for a better time. Opportunities seem more accessible for others, and excuses pile high. Does that sound familiar?

Self-esteem closely aligns with resiliency and is greatly influenced by the mindset we embrace.

Resiliency comes about with the challenge of adversity. If life and health were a bowl of cherries, we would quickly become accustomed to bliss. As life has it, though, difficulties require one to shift, confront and adapt. When our frame of mind is positive, that inner strength shines in full force.


Anything we deliberately do with our well-being in mind constitutes self-care. The number one improvement most of us could make is getting quality, restorative sleep. Healthful shuteye allows for the body to repair on a cellular level increasing biological functions we deplete daily. Conscious progress with your needs, whether physical, mental, or spiritual, lends to reduced stress responses, a lower risk of illness, and increased energy.

Stay Active – It’s easy to get down on yourself when attempting consistency with regular movement. It’ not impossible, though. Small, specific goals and progress overtime are fantastic avenues to implement physical activity. Mini realistic goals add up. Pick something meaningful to begin. Remember not to be so hard on yourself as you kick off your intentions. A simple 10-minute walk has been inspiring for many who want to develop consistency. Those 10-minute walks evolve into much more over time as your mood improves, your health is enhanced, and your achievements are recognized. 

Don’t give up; you are worth the effort. Always consult your trusted physician if you are over 40 and have not routinely embarked on daily movement.

  • Revisit Goals – Small steps set one up for achievable results. When we put effort into a goal, we build confidence and heighten a sense of achievement that keeps us focused and accountable.

  • Find Meaning and Hope – Purpose is what fulfills. Practice gratitude and focus on contentment, whether in relationships, career, or personal growth. Reframe negative thoughts and view setbacks as opportunities for growth and advancement. This self-awareness sharpens one’s ability to recover from stressful situations and recognize when additional support is needed. 

  • Improve Upon Calm – Coping strategies may include meditation, reflection, social support, breathing exercises, journaling, nutrition, and physical movement to lessen anxiety.

  • Nutrition – We could all take a page from the inhabitants of the Blue Zones on this bullet point. Adopting a lifestyle that contains less processed and more whole-food options has inspired these societies to achieve quality longevity. They enjoy wholesome food but are mindful of portions. They cook mostly at home with fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean proteins, and low-fat options—balance, variety, and keeping inflammatory choices to a minimum.

  • Support – Relationships with trusted individuals aid in developing a supportive network.

Life will teach us great lessons when we show up for education. Development of your skills reinforces strengths. We become enlightened, disciplined, and eager for the next adventure. Good or bad, as it happens to the best of us, we rebound, rally, and overcome.

In good health!


Mindset Matter Chef Ellen