Chef Ellen


Why Chewing Your Food is So Important

Contrary to popular belief, digestion starts in the mouth. The simple act of thoroughly chewing your food is a significant part of optimal digestion. We could most likely eliminate many of the digestive issues we face daily if we gave this function more effort and consideration.

Depending on our foods texture and consistency, one should aim for about 20-30 chews per bite before swallowing. It may appear unnecessary and somewhat of a burden but if you are aware of the benefits chewing provides, you may rethink this vital function.

Consciously chewing will aid in the digestion of your food. You knew I was going to state the obvious right off the bat, so now that fact is out of the way, let’s explore more of the perks and rewards associated with the action of properly chewing our food.

  1. You are preventing digestive issues from exacerbating even further. Indigestion, bacterial overgrowth, and bloating come from your stomach having to work hard to break down food into nutrients.

  2. Absorbing nutrients efficiently ensures more energy, growth, and healing.

  3. That feeling of fullness and satiation comes from your brain getting the proper signals from your stomach. Therefore, overeating is averted, and we support mindful eating practices.

  4. The art of chewing more effectively will increase the release of crucial digestive enzymes from saliva and in turn, one extracts more nutrients from their food.

  5. With increased saliva, swallowing easier does not aggravate the esophagus.

There are many disadvantages associated with not chewing food effectively. Becoming more mindful will put you at a substantially lower risk of gastrointestinal discomfort and deflect the possibility of chronic illnesses and autoimmune disease.

Why put yourself in that danger zone? Chew up and appreciate your food and its benefits. The sheer enjoyment of food should be celebrated with more intention. Your health is your responsibility, and every organ depends on a deeper awareness.

Chew your food slowly and reconnect with the joy of eating.