Chef Ellen


Interpreting What This Means for You

We have all heard the phrase “body, mind, and spirit,” but how does the wordage translate and pertain to your everyday?

Whether you are in a state of chronic stress or constant bliss, your body, mind, and spirit are affected. Since most of us are NOT in the latter form of perpetual bliss, let’s ponder the following questions.

  • Are you out of balance or working in synergy with the universe and equipped to handle whatever life throws at you?

  • Are you a stress eater?

  • Are migraines or headaches a typical part of your day?

  • Do you roll any upsetting situation into a ball and figuratively swallow the pain/anger?

Supporting the connection of a thriving body, mind, and spirit takes effort, so let’s explore. Mental health receives so much attention in the media, but how can we address our mental well-being a little more efficiently? Finding purpose or grasping how to decipher “the meaning of life” can quickly become a crisis of the mind. Perhaps enhanced calm will bring clarity so that direction and contentment become more apparent. Will every little thing fall into place with the development of spirit? And if our body is cared for appropriately, will the trifecta of efforts bring about a state of ‘blanketed comfort,’ where we feel a sense of peace, fulfillment, and balance in all aspects of our lives?
When I’m stressed, my stomach is immediately upset. When that happens, I must take the time to acknowledge the imbalance and stop, doing what is necessary to alleviate the pain that manifests. Not finding a healthy way to cope will eventually show up negatively in facets of your overall wellness.
Before negative situations take their toll, remember you are more than just your thoughts. Our bodies, emotions, and spirituality need tuning, maintenance, and nourishment. In turn, what proceeds is a human feeling whole, happy, and focused.
  • How can I address what has happened?

  • Can I take comfort in the fact that “this shall pass?”

  • Can I put a stressful situation into perspective and attempt to calm my reactions?

Let’s take faith in the fact that once the clouds move, the sunshine peaks through.Complementing your traditional self-care (exercise, hydration & nourishment) with various untraditional sources you are not familiar with but curious about (meditation, yoga, journaling) can do wonders for serenity.

Many clients give me examples of what brings them calm. These are the tools that they use to initiate positive order. One has tried meditation several times but swears by her tennis game to soothe her spirit, and she’s 75! Another meditates religiously first thing in the morning. I have another client who stands by her home workout for 20-30 minutes daily to clear her head, yet that would never happen for me. I enjoy getting up early and driving to my small Pilates fusion classes, where these women are my support, community, and a satisfying workout. We also have a lot of laughs, bright and early. Laughter is one of the best ways to deliver that figurative medicine into your being.

Other sources of diversion from the daily grind could include the following:

  • The joy of a pet

  • Decluttering

  • Hosting a friend’s event or initiating a night out

  • Spa escape, even if it’s a manicure; treat yourself! During Covid, I would set up a home spa experience and get creative. Anything is possible with a bit of imagination.

Finding value and a favorable outcome to support body, mind, and spirit is a personal journey but necessary, meaningful, and the essence of balance. Find the symmetry most advantageous for you, connecting whole, happy, and focused.