Chef Ellen


Does Sugar Beget Sugar?

A sugar craving might be something that should concern you. Science and the media, quick to instill the same old belief that sugar is sugar is sugar, has many of us running from the healing benefits of real foods, mostly fruits, and vegetables.

The difference between the sugar that comes naturally from a banana and processed sugar in the form of a package of Twizzlers bears no resemblance.

“When sugary treats are so readily available, we are addicted and hardwired by the chemicals and additives. We are a society of fast, cheap, quick, and convenience. This lack of awareness comes with a price tag. Down the road, the damage may cost more than what a trip down your produce aisle costs right now.”

Processed sugars may also be thriving on pathogens or bacteria in your body. The craving may be coming from the need to keep feeding; it’s similar to an addiction. The more you provide, the more damage and inflammation you contribute to your precious body. (2)

There was a time when sugarcane came to America. It was so widespread and exciting that we packed it into everything we could. Companies then started to manufacture cereals, colas, and snacks. Then it wasn’t enough to get our sugar naturally, so we processed the sugar from corn in the form of high fructose corn syrup. This is added sugar. Too much-added sugars in our diets make it challenging to achieve healthful eating patterns. Too many calories and no vital, essential nutrients. (1)

The fact is real fruit feeds our cells. Processed sugars or refined sugars are quick to get into our bloodstreams, raise blood sugar levels, and creates fat storages that will eventually clog up arteries in the form of cholesterol. Think of the high addicting drugs deliver. Sugar, in the form of processed sugars, gives pleasure in large, rapid does. The more we eat, the more we want. Let’s say you ate a bag of potato chips. Who hasn’t?

How many of us are still hungry or sick to our stomachs afterward? Now try eating the same 4-5 potatoes it takes to make a big bag of chips. Instead of frying them in cheap hydrogenated oil and drowning them in salt, additives, and preservatives, try roasting these potatoes cut like steak fries with a little oil and fresh herbs. You will be full, satiated, and ultimately reaping the benefits of proper nutrition and healing foods for hours.

Now think about that 1/2 pound of gummy bears you mindlessly inhaled watching a movie. I could eat more, couldn’t you? I use to feel that way, but after the damage the sugar did to my intestinal lining and the food intolerances I developed over the years, thinking I had it all figured out, I changed my mindset.

Do you feel sick to your stomach after eating a nutritious piece of fruit loaded with fiber, nutrients, and sustenance? If the number of bananas, mango, papayas, and berries I eat in a week were processed sugar, my A1C and insulin would be through the roof.

Throw in the extra weight in the form of inflammation, bloating, gas, constipation, and overall shame I feel every time I let that craving get out of control.

The continual sugar addiction process tricks the brain into thinking it is starving because you are not physically nourishing your body. Cravings come from many warning signs your body is trying to give you. Most likely, a lack of nutrients. Similarly, an addict needs more pleasurable drugs; a sugar addict never truly nourishes their body. Pathogens and bacteria love processed inflammatory foods. If you keep this feeding frenzy going, chronic illness, diabetes, heart disease, and expanding waistlines are your future. Educate yourself and break the vicious cycle.