Chef Ellen


Intuitive Eating

What’s in your food?

Are you reading labels? Ingredients in packaged foods and convenience foods with processed additives, saturated fats, and toxic flavor enhancers. These additives you cannot pronounce cause inflammation and, over time, make you more susceptible to chronic illness and disease.

Intuitive eating

Eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full. Sounds simple enough? Listening to your body’s responses to food may be the ideal way to overcome emotional eating.

Is intuitive eating another trendy way to say “diet”? I respect the principals of this mindset but if it were intuitive, it would come naturally and easily. I’m all for rejecting the diet mentality, but I believe we ALL need help with figuring out what works for our bodies.
With my support, you are educated on what’s really in your food and, most importantly, choosing to eat better while enjoying your meals. It’s this consciousness you follow because you immerse yourself in it with food elimination and detox. What follows is a revelation about mindful eating and how it can change you for the better.
Choosing to opt-out from foods with additives and chemicals empowers. Having the ability to reverse and prevent the adverse reactions is possible. Electing to rid your body of potential disease, re-building your gut, and creating an environment of friendly bacteria is possible. A body free of stress, inflammation, and chronic pain is an investment in your healthful future.
My passion is to inspire and support clients dedicated to feeling their best. The bottom line is that it’s a choice. Transform and see a new glow, experience the way you feel both emotionally and physically with a different mindset. Real food can transform, but in today’s world of convenience, we need to get back to basics.
Ask questions, read ingredients, and demand change when change is needed.