Chef Ellen


Lifestyle Medicine

My foundation was fragile at one time, and my immune system was a mess, so I had to rebuild for myself, my present situation, and my future. With Gut Driven, you can recognize red flags and find support, empathy, and inspiration. Change starts with modifications, awareness, and commitment.

The Mayo Clinic estimates that nearly 70% of Americans take prescription drugs.
Dr. Greger, Lifestyle medicine doctor and author of Eat Not to Die, wrote that after ten years on the road trying to ‘train the trainers’ and turn the mindset of doctors to encourage more lifestyle medicine practices, his attempts were fruitless. He surmised that empowering the individual would be more effective. He speculated that by educating his audience on safe and simple lifestyle modifications, the average Joe could be a testament to the medical community. The true power of healthy living would be specific proof of well-being before pain management and long- term drugs are introduced.

Dr. Greger’s words are one example of the inspiration that led me to author Gut Driven. I don’t have all the answers. You do, but I can support your decision to turn things around. I am not selling a magic elixir, and I certainly cannot transform your life, but I can help you shift gears. I will empower you with hope, my story, and practical advice and inspire you to make some substantial changes that, over time, will give you a renewed sense of optimism where your health is concerned.

Nutrition is crucial. The food we consume can become a critical driver of poor health, inflammation, and chronic gut issues.
Food is crucial but how do we further support our goals?
  • Remove ultra-processed foods

  • Introduce plant-based diversity

  • Devote more time to self-care, balance, and a solid foundation

One day at a time. Focus efforts on a more holistic approach that does not require restrictions but more of a renewed mindset. Your intentions and dedication will pay you back handsomely with optimal health, a robust immune system, energy, and long-term progress.