Chef Ellen


If You Change Nothing, Nothing Will Change

Are you experiencing signs of inflammation in your body? Have you gotten warning signs or been told to make changes?

If you think that eating non-processed foods and making better choices is a death sentence and you will never enjoy food again, that mindset will cost you your health.

That choice is up to you. Let’s make a little shift in that attitude.

Because I choose more whole-food-plant-based options, some think I am on a diet. It’s far from the truth, as I choose lifestyle practices like food to nourish, energize, repair, and grow. Overly processed foods, additives, fillers, and junk do not appeal to me. I’ve changed my pallet mostly to break a bad sugar habit I once thought was justified because I ate so well. That sugar addiction eventually caught up to me in a negative way, so I broke free from the dependence. And I’ve never looked back.

In addition, I make movement a daily part of life. I also choose to manage stress instead of letting it control me. I choose to be void of inflammation because that choice supports better overall health. It’s not always easy and truthfully, some days I can rage, but I am more aware and dedicated to finding balance.

My skin looks better, my bloodwork and health have improved, and I’ve created a stable foundation of small changes over time with the desire to prioritize all facets of my well-being.

This is what healthy looks like for me.

Find your balance.

Choose health and your body will reward you for your efforts.