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A Proactive Approach to a Balanced Body, Mind, and Spirit

Uncovering the extraordinary benefits of small preventative efforts can considerably decrease future negative health scares and outcomes. An enthusiastic mindset is your call to action and the opportunity to make decisions for a positive lifestyle change that will impact all facets of one’s life. This journey worth exploring supports the avoidance of undesirable illnesses and the fallout often associated with navigating recovery.  


The basis of most preventative efforts is a combination of skills built over time. Your power to change equates to a substantial impact on avoiding chronic disorders and disease. Deep breaths, one day at a time, and remembering progress, not perfection, produce the most favorable, sustainable outcomes.  


We often maintain our vehicles, homes, and relationships, so why does personal health take a back seat or fall far to the bottom of our list of priorities? 


The following are a few examples that hinder our best attempts to prioritize health: 

  • Busy Lifestyles and a laundry list of commitments, family responsibilities, and careers typically take precedence over daily movement, healthy eating, and regular check-ups.   

  • Immediate Results over Long-Term Well-Being – Investing time and effort with consistency will provide optimal outcomes vs. instant gratification or a quick fix.  

  • Appreciation—It is expected that one will not fully comprehend the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle until a health scare comes knocking. Balance, awareness, education, and prioritizing health are stepping stones, with benefits far outweighing a debilitating diagnosis.  

  • Recognizing Unhealthy Habits – Damaging habits such as smoking, excessive alcohol use, and the standard American diet are breeding grounds for inflammation and adverse effects on our health. 

  • Financial Burdens, proper access to healthcare services, food security, and struggling with basic needs can indeed limit the responsibility for one’s health.  


Supportive home and community environments set the foundation to approach these challenges. Facilitating healthy behaviors and sustainable habits encourages those looking to make conscious intentions to engage in preventative care. Long-term shifts enrich, boost health, and promote aging gracefully. Click here to read more about 20 Habits for a Healthier, Happier Life from research from The Blue Zones (communities around the globe living longer, happier, higher quality lives). 


Nobody is immune to health issues, and the perception that you can deal with problems later in life will only create disappointment. We must recognize the value of our health and make conscious efforts to remedy concerns, prioritize regular health screenings, and ditch unfavorable habits.   


Prevention gives you the gift of longevity, no need for various avenues with medical professionals, and the added perk of aging gracefully pain-free and purpose-driven.  


“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”~ Ben Franklin 


In good health!

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