Chef Ellen


Progress, Not Perfection

No One is Without Flaws

Too often, we are overly critical of ourselves and what we could have done differently. We dismiss our strengths and spend time condemning them instead of appreciating progress in any facet of our lives.

If you always try to live up to a preconceived notion of perfection, you could hinder growth with unrealistic standards.
Reevaluate and accept that your flaws are not the end of the world. Sometimes we must pivot to find what works best for our situations. Any achievements you make are progress. If you put in work to make headway in any area of your life, that is momentum, of which you should be proud.
Let’s use exercise as an example. We know that movement has many benefits, yet sitting in front of the TV week after week and thinking about it is not a breakthrough. When you put your sneakers on after work and talk a walk around the block, you have taken a leap to increase vitality. Running a straight five miles your first time out might not be realistic for a newcomer and could be discouraging the next day when your body is overly sore and in shock. Baby steps are essential, and don’t compare yourself to others.
The effort is underrated. Feeling fearful of change is natural, but taking one step at a time is the key to overcoming it. Focusing on what you’ve accomplished and reflecting on these efforts brings about satisfaction and growth, no matter how small the steps you took to get there.
Find beauty in your imperfections, and the flaws of others. Make peace with yourself and the world around us. Flawed beauty is an attraction to what is imperfect. Embrace it and remember that your imperfections tell a story, show strength, wisdom, and resilience – undeniably beautiful.