Chef Ellen


What course of action(s) drives purpose and leads one to a place of achievement?


Leaving a positive mark is an intention I often consider as I type away, focused on where my path will lead next. Helping others advocate for their best health is the nature of what inspires a thought of the next book, a new recipe, or a fresh blog post.


When speaking to clients, I often ask “why” they want to make changes. Mostly, I get the usual “doctor’s order” assessment or perhaps the “I want to improve the way I feel” feedback. It’s terrific, and I embrace the initial meeting of new clients driven by purpose.


To my new clients and readers alike, I emphasize that there’s no magic pill, quick fix, or going back to old habits that don’t serve your intentions. I ask them to view their objections as a journey. If we value ourselves as humans and give importance to our health, our behaviors should reflect the need to get necessary tasks done. But, as flawed humans, the work that is the essential means to an end is often viewed as complex, exhausting, and complicated.


Change sucks, until it doesn’t. It may cause unrest and fear because it requires effort, but it does get easier as confidence grows, and we embrace the admirable effects of our time, patience, and accomplishments.


Whatever way you want to apply purpose to your life, it has critical meaning and direction as it guides whatever journey you decide to take. Having a sense of purpose provides clarity and aids us through whatever challenges come our way. Superior physical and mental outcomes support health, well-being, focus, resilience, and motivation.


I also highlight that it’s not entirely about you when you aspire to a purpose. With goals, you inspire others around you and create a ripple effect. Knowing that your actions are conducive to something greater than yourself brings fulfillment and deep satisfaction.


What inspires you to live a meaningful and purposeful life? How can you achieve more deliberate moments in your heart? As we identify what matters most, what aligns with our values, and brings more precise meaning into our daily routines, we look back only to reflect and adjust as needed. Soon enough, the purpose will ultimately find you with a wink and a smile.


In good health!

purpose fuels passion