Chef Ellen


Hope is an optimistic state of mind that is based on an expectation of positive outcomes concerning events and circumstances in one’ life or the world at large. As a verb, its definitions include: “expect with confidence” and “to cherish a desire with anticipation”. (From Wikipedia)

I was pleasantly surprised when reading the above definition of hope. As someone who aspires to not lose sight of faith and optimism in my journey for robust health and wellness, I’m often encouraged by the simplicity of this four-letter word.

Hopefulness is a human need that creates achievement. With hope, one can quickly become fulfilled. An optimistic outlook on health may help those concerned with longevity and lowering risks of chronic, autoimmune, and cardiovascular disease. With mental health, holding onto hope requires the delicate balance of being open-minded to the fact the future is unpredictable and looking back on the past spiritually cripples. Living in the present is essential for progress, new possibilities, and ultimately prevailing mentally and physically.

When a problem or health risk presents itself, we want answers and solutions quickly, but that typically works out poorly. There are inevitable twists and turns in life, and approaching these

bumps along the way is most likely smoother with a rose-colored mindset. That positivity is your foundational approach to accomplishments and goal-setting strategies. Building on hope strengthens the commitment and the endurance to act on this goal.


Developing more hope:

If cultivating more hope sounds appealing, let’s unlock some key strategies to further that intention. Any goal needs patience and time. We all have ups and downs to deal with daily, but if we recognize that situations in life can and will get better, we already have a good dose of hope in our back pocket to rely on.
  • Permitting yourself to be hopeful gets one out the gate and on their way to brainstorming solutions.  

  • Act on your intentions. Any goal needs movement for progress. Grab that bull by the horns and make whatever is in your heart happen.

  • Nurturing that message and ideology of hope by looking beyond your reflection in the mirror and spending some time helping others by volunteering your time or just lending an ear to someone who may need your assistance is progress and an excellent way to create a ripple effect for those around you.

  • Having a support system, whether that would be a friend, coach, or loved one, can help keep you focused and encouraged. 

  • Remember to celebrate your accomplishments or the success stories of others. Becoming more grateful for your triumphs and those in your community reestablishes hopefulness.

  • The more positive personal experiences, core values, growth, purpose, and support one approach, the more resilience we harness. 

In our world today, it is easy to let personal and world events leave us feeling hopeless. It is okay to limit your sad news intake and a considerable healthy choice at that. Tune into that harnessed hope you’ve stashed away in your back pocket when the world tilts. Utilize the power of uncertainty to your advantage and make hope the security blanket that will see you through any storm. Storms pass; control what you can, and always keep your eyes open for joyful moments to restore and reinforce purpose…and hope for all.

In good health!

Hope Chef Ellen