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Catching Up with Wonderful News

As we embrace the changing seasons, it’s the perfect time to pause and reflect on the abundance surrounding us all. Whatever that looks like for you, in a world that of late seems filled with turmoil, it may be the perfect moment to look inward. I wanted to take a break from the typical blog and connect personally with my loyal readers. So much has happened since Gut Driven launched on February 23’. I am grateful for my growing audience and all the enjoyable feedback I receive through various platforms.

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Networking and social media have taken up much of my time lately, and I embrace creating new recipes in addition to educational videos and the weekly newsletter. As a result, I have had many unique opportunities presented for the book to reach a wider audience. Media services and word of mouth have allowed me to connect not only with like-minded individuals in the United States but also with exclusive possibilities and a global reach I would have never imagined a year ago.

Additionally, I have had several recent interviews and happily anticipate sharing the media sources in upcoming newsletters. One that I am incredibly excited about is for a feature this December in a National Women’s Magazine.

Furthermore, I am involved with a newly launched app out of the UK that exclusively educates and supports individuals diagnosed with osteoporosis. The mission statement is about community reach, education, and personalized guidance. Access to courses, events, live chats, and nutrition will be available. We all need strong bones! If you join, please connect with me on the app. The creator, Catherine Shaw, has many exciting events, professionals, and content in the works. Read more on SNAP

I have also reunited with The Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) as an ambassador and affiliate. They are including Gut Driven in their holiday gift guide! I am honored and thrilled as the gift of health is a beautiful journey anyone can embark on. Enrolling years ago, to begin my health coaching career has been an adventure and a rewarding transition. Who knew all the valuable and worthwhile connections, information, and awakenings that would present themselves because I took a chance? If you have ever thought of coaching as information for yourself or perhaps a career shift, they are having a fantastic Black Friday Sale next week. Please reach out if you want to discuss this, as I am always open to inquiries, questions, or concerns about the curriculum.

I have also added some affiliate information to my site. I have officially connected with several reputable organizations that align with my message. ZivoLife is a small-batch microalgae company backed by science to deliver its proprietary nutrient-rich globally. Leaves of Leisure are quality caffeine-free teas curated with tasty with superior ingredients. They make for adorable stocking stuffers, hostess gifts, or just a comforting tea you can feel good about consuming.

Thank you for being part of Gut Driven’s weekly newsletter. I hope to inspire and cultivate gratitude and a ripple effect of positivity, hope, health, and love in those looking for favorable changes.
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