Chef Ellen


What Encompasses the Quest for Health?

As 2023 leaves us and 2024 is on the horizon, we all aspire to positive change and a brighter life outlook. When pursuing transformative endeavors, where does one begin, and is it as easy as some make it look?

It’s not a simple flick of the switch; however, becoming healthier can be one of the most rewarding experiences if pursued graciously.Change comes about when one intends to alter or modify. A shift of sorts is not about dieting for several weeks. Most fail because we tend to take on too much too soon and get discouraged.Developing skills and the best mindset explores finding balance and progress in every aspect of wellness.

Showing up for your goals is crucial as you explore what works best for your unique lifestyle. Some days will yield tremendous accomplishments, and others will seem fruitless, but westay true to our vision despite what life throws at us.Any deviation is a curveball that will pass if the mindset stays true to its intentions.

Self-care may be a buzzword, but it inherently emphasizes taking deliberate actions to maintain one’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being. To find meaning in this jargon that, at times, is perceived as selfish, one must effectively commit to reasonable improvements without guilt or shame.Sensible self-care is your responsibility and a healthy approach to wellness.

To become genuinely on point with an objective for robust health, let’s unlock some key strategies you will keep close as we ring in 2024, the year of your finest health and well-being.

  • Physical Wellness – Recognizing and achieving the need for physical well-being through consistent activity, nourishment, rest, preventative care, and mindfulness. Building on improved habits like sleep, exercise, preventative care, and stress management, in addition to limiting alcohol, smoking, and inflammatory foods, is foundational progress.

  • Intellectual Wellness – Nurturing creative abilities and stimulating the mind with new adventures, community involvement, a second language, art, or reading. Be open to new ideas like a lecture, an art show, board games, or anything that stimulates creative thinking and views. 

  • Emotional Wellness – The ability and mindset to successfully handle life’s stressors. Becoming more active or relaxing and embracing self-care can be a positive commitment if done only 15 minutes per day. Expressing your emotions like laughter is a great medicine to improve mental health, as is venting appropriately. Venting is not the same as asking for help but more of an opportunity to share those feelings out loud if need be. If punching a pillow does the trick, it’s an inexpensive way to express emotions. When more emotionally balanced, we can accept and love ourselves and those around us. 

  • Social Wellness – Developing a solid sense of connection within one’s community and nurturing a positive support system lends to social wellness. Nurture meaningful connections with friends and family and engage with community members. As we feel more connected to others and confident with who we are, we build and contribute to healthy and respectful relationships. 

  • Spiritual Wellness – Spiritual health encourages the search for a deeper meaning in one’s life. When we acknowledge a higher power and practice a dedication to faith, we can enhance clarity in everyday choices. Additionally, we become more consistent with beliefs and moral principles. Spending time alone or in a group setting and acknowledging spiritual wellness also reinforces our relationship with ourselves.

  • Occupational Wellness – The ability to balance career and leisure in a way that promotes health, personal achievement, and enrichment. We all want a financially rewarding job, but pursuing occupational wellness extends beyond the monetary value and encourages one to pursue the opportunities that bring about individual satisfaction, purpose, and direction.

  • Environmental Wellness – Becoming more conscious of our environment and trying to protect the Earth is vital to environmental well-being. Living in harmony with the social environment could involve walking or riding a bike whenever possible, but it can also aid in physical wellness. When we are more conscious of hazards such as air and water pollution, we can attempt to do better to preserve our resources by not contributing to the problem. Minimizing the use of chemicals, conserving energy at home with appliances, and recycling can further awareness on the subject. Enjoy and appreciate our natural resources and build on your environmental health.

In your pursuit of optimizing lifestyle medicine practices, becoming drug-free, and incorporating more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains into your rotation,remember baby steps, mindset, intentions, and the required effort you will make each day as you strengthen your body, mind, and spirit well into next year, the year after and so on. Happy, healthy, and balanced.

In good health!


Chef Ellen Happy New Year!