Chef Ellen


Are You Doing the Work?

We are all on a different journey, but the basic skills remain constant:

  • Are you eating enough fruits, vegetables, and whole grains to meet the daily requirements of fiber? (Less than 5% of Americans meet the daily recommended necessity of fiber for a healthy functional digestive tract). Gain access to many more of my fiber-rich, macro-balanced, and gut-friendly recipes here.

  • Are meal prep and planning working efficiently and effectively to reinforce those goals? Get tips and outlines for successful meal production here.

  • Do you have a positive support system you can rely on? Support starts with taking the first step to make affirmative change. Supportive pillars could be friends, family, and trusted professionals willing to discuss and guide you. Build on self-advocacy and the physical and mental aspects of balance here.

  • How are your sleep patterns? Restorative sleep is essential for a healthy functioning immune system. Creating a restful environment is attainable with the awareness of its crucial evaluation.

  • Does the thought of change hold you back? Uncertainty in life is fear. Most of us would rather avoid change because we are fearful of failure. While it’s natural to feel apprehensive, the benefits outweigh the risks. Just as our typical routines make us feel secure, if you think your “normal” may need some tweaking, pushing out of that comfort zone for your best health should be far more rewarding than feeling stuck and uncertain. Cultivating a new growth mindset is attainable and holds more value as that foundation strengthens one day at a time.

  • Does stress rule your days? Finding ways to alleviate anxiety, fear, and the burdens associated with stress is not far-fetched when you give it attention. Therapy, exercise, meditation, and community are just a handful of avenues one can pursue when attempting to unlock unhealthy patterns, trauma, self-sabotage, and coping mechanisms associated with the troublesome aftermath of stress. Read more here on chronic stress’s effects on whole-body health and healing.

Our experiences and goals may vary, so exploring what practices you want to change is valuable and essential for transition. From there, we dismiss what is ineffective and counterproductive. From there, meaningful progress is within your grasp.
Consistency, diversity, and small shifts are the development of a positive transition and

your most robust health.

I’ll guide and encourage you to find out what works best for you, but dedication is crucial. I may make it look easy but making time, embracing moments, and becoming aware of what transformation looks like can be grasped with a mindset shift. I have become very aligned with my health in the last several years. How connected are you with yourself? Who else is going to initiate lifestyle modifications and gains in your health? If you change nothing, nothing will change. If more support and guidance interest you, please reach out for more information and navigation skills. Accountability coaching aids in defining and refining goals and plans to achieve a client’s objective. 

Progress in favor of perfection creates gains. Putting in the effort and making small, sustainable strides in your journey for optimal wellness lays a favorable foundation for progress. 

A beautiful day begins with a beautiful mindset. Your journey and the road to better health is attainable with attention to body, mind, and spirit. Thank you for being part of this community of focus and like-minded consciousness.

In good health!


Change Behavior Chef Ellen