Chef Ellen


Finding Comfort with What is Decided on Your Behalf

Most of us have been in a position, whether for ourselves or with a loved one when a medical professional must step in and offer sound advice to remedy an ailment or concern regarding a health situation.

At times, wellness visits seem impersonal, rushed, and manipulative. We (in addition to medical professionals) are more pressured than ever in our daily routines. Still, no one wants to feel hurried or kept waiting. Your time is precious, and you deserve your chance to speak of any concerns. Conversely, a doctor may feel pressured to limit time to schedule enough visits to cover the expenses of running a practice. If you think your appointment was hurried or impersonal, be open to discussing that with your doctor. They may appreciate the feedback. If they don’t, it may be the opportunity to research other alternatives.

Nonetheless, one should feel free of pressure or confusion upon exiting a trusted doctor’s office. It would be unfair to blame a specific individual because sometimes, you may be getting the best they can offer, which can be truthful in any circumstance. One of my doctors’ best advice was recalling, “I was paying him for his services, and I should always feel comfortable with what was decided on my behalf.” To this day, I use that phrase often with clients and in conversations. It truly empowered me.

Interestingly, most younger adults trust the medical information they get more from social media. In addition, a third of the adult population use Dr. Google to self-assess any unease. Not following up on concerns could backfire sometimes, so be mindful of chronic discomfort, illness, or irritation.

All the above leads one back to the question of whom we should trust with our health. Trust yourself first. Are you championing your best health? Can you check off most of the boxes aligning optimal health practices? Check-in with the six pillars of lifestyle medicine:

  • Nutrition (support your gut and vital organs)

  • Physical activity (regular movement and exercise)

  • Restorative sleep (quality z’s)

  • Stress management (mindful breathing, meditation, and attention to triggers)

  • Avoidance of risky substances (overly processed, excessive alcohol, drugs, and tobacco)

  • Positive social connections (community, family, spirituality)

Remember the gift of the one body given in this life when advocating for your best health. At one time or another, one will experience the impact of post-emotional rollercoaster backlash from a wellness visit. Put confidence in a trusted medical professional when the waters are choppy and seek a second opinion for peace of mind. Another discussion could provide comfort or alternate avenues.

Whatever life throws at you, consider faith in your healthy habits and a supported, resilient immune system. We will always weather storms, but services other than a quick Google search will surely provide peace of mind, assistance, and encouragement. Mostly find comfort in being prepared. We prepare and plan for many situations, but can you truly say you are resourceful when maintaining and protecting your well-being? We have many opportunities to strengthen everyday habits regarding lifestyle medicine. No matter what, with the right mindset and supportive community, you are more inclined to choose the best path to ideal wellness.