Chef Ellen


Impacting Our Minds with What We Feed It

From the brain’s intellect, do actions, choices, and thoughts determine our truth? Our brains believe so. World-renowned entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and author Russel Branson said, “What we feed our mind becomes our reality.”


We can move mountains and overcome obstacles with a powerful mindset. Still, as flawed humans, that confident drive and willingness to overcome can be shadowed quickly by distrust, uncertainty, and negative thoughts. 


Are we persuaded by the environment, influenced by what our minds encounter daily, and unknowingly soaking up pessimistic attitudes? My first thought turns to social media and the pitfalls of endless scrolling that can quickly become chronic and unhealthy. My feelings were likely prompted by the fact that I recently took a three-week break from various social platforms. My decision to do so was to catch up on other priorities and gather new content. As refreshing and restorative as the break was, and to be perfectly honest, I had a hard time going back on. However, I use social networking and various platforms to build my brand. Still, the awareness of taking a break and acknowledging the positive effects of a pause taught me valuable lessons and insight.


1. It’s okay to pause.

2. It’s in my best interest to create a breathing space of sorts.

3. Although sometimes annoying, when at the theatre, the term intermission in stage life occurs for a reason. Audience members were finding it hard to concentrate for more than two hours at a stretch. In addition, actors and performers also need to rest. Taking the sensible concept behind the meaning and applying it in terms of a hiatus we could all use from time to time may prove beneficial for brain health.

Although theoretically practical, getting some downtime may be more necessary than we give it credit. Feeding our minds with too many negative scenarios (news, social media, politics, negative people) can rule our thoughts. Cultivating a positive mindset starts with understanding the connection between our thoughts, emotions, and approach to a positive attitude.


Since facilitating a pause may be easier said than done for most, the following are avenues we can take to become more conscious of cultivating mindfulness.

  • Techniques such as meditation, yoga, and deep breathing help one become more in tune  with thoughts and emotions as they arise. Negatively responding to unfavorable emotions is a choice, yet monitoring feelings consciously and developing soothing skills is a healthy approach when practiced daily. You influence your mood, thoughts, and  behaviors.

  • Gratitude is reflection. Practicing gratefulness daily shifts focus away from negativity and favors appreciation. I take three deep breaths before a meal to become present. When the opportunity to become grateful arises, I stop to offer thanks. With practice, we all find what works for our specific lifestyles. The bonus of pausing holds surprising benefits for our digestive processes.

  • Positive affirmations offset a pessimistic perspective. Repeating affirmations reinforces self-worth, courage, and calm. Solutions and obstacles are more transparent and accessible to overcome with supportive words and proactive steps for any circumstance.

  • Reflection, Self-Compassion, and Support are at the core of mindfulness behaviors. When we reflect and tune in to what we want to change, compassion flows beyond ourselves and into the world, where we create a ripple effect of kindness. Without a doubt, we are in need. Having support is equally critical because, at times, it is difficult to be there for ourselves. Have a backup, and don’t rely solely on your best intentions. The most accurate and honest relationships we cultivate remind us to accept, forgive, be  patient, and stay strong.


Be wary of what you feast on in your mind. If you are feeling upset, down, or disregarded in any way, become more aware of the culprits and steer away from the potential you may be giving it to rob you of positivity, passion, and purpose. Nurture and find moments to check in with your mind, scan, and take a break to protect that beautiful mind that holds gentle, reassuring moments in your future. Isn’t your health worth the exploration?

In good health!


You are the books your read